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Double Cyber-Webinar

How Organizational Structures

Hold the Key to Cyber Security


Axel Troike and Dr. Thomas Lee


The pandemic of the past 18 months has triggered a variety of business changes in almost all enterprises, it particularly accelerated the use of Cloud systems.


From a non-technical vantage point, this webinar focuses on the Cyber Security challenges that come with the new ecosystem. Attendees will learn:

  • How the choice of suppliers/vendors impacts the risk of a data breach

  • Whether the Cyber Security posture of vendors has improved during the pandemic

  • Which organizational measures for enterprises and their vendors alike reflect a more risk-minimizing and asset-developing approach

  • How these organizational measures contribute to a sustainable data-driven business in general.


This webinar will resonate with CISOs, CIOs, CDOs, CHROs, CFOs, CEOs, CAOs, DPOs, GCs.

Friday, November 26th, Noon PST (3PM ET)

Friday, November 26th, Noon ET (9AM PST)

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Axel is a prolific blogger



Axel Troike provides consulting services at the intersection of compliance, business and IT. With over 20 years of management experience, he has conducted more than 100 projects in 8 countries with focus on advising client enterprises regarding the organizational and conceptual aspects of Data Governance, Data Privacy, Master Data Management, Data Strategy, Data & Process Modeling and related topics. He is also President at Grandite in Quebec (Canada), the supplier of the SILVERRUN Business Architecture Tools. 


In current mandates, Axel conducts assessments how processing activities and data transfers impact the compliance with data protection regulations such as the EU’s GDPR. Previous experiences include leading roles in developing guidelines for IT audits, performing audits of the software development process and implementing measures to mitigate identified risks and weaknesses. Axel helped a group of insurance companies during their restructuration (merger of business units and outsourcing of IT services) and was the project manager in developing a common claims application system in the post-merger phase.


He holds a Master's Degree in Mathematics from Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, Germany.

Tom Right.jpg

Thomas Lee Ph.D, is the CEO of the Silicon Valley based VivoSecurity, a company focused on data collection, regression modeling and AI to quantify cyber security risk. Thomas has spoken at the Richmond Fed research conference 2018, invited participant at Richmond Fed cyber security workshop 2019, invited speaker at O.R.X Toronto & Milan 2018, speaker at OpRisk North America 2018, ACAMS panelist 2019, PRMIA NYC & BCG 2018, multiple patents for quantifying cyber security risk. Thomas holds degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, and an MS and PhD in Biophysics from the University of Chicago.

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