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Download Case Study: Analyzing & Reducing 3rd Party Risk Using a Statistical Approach

How Poisson is changing cybersecurity


Baron Siméon Denis Poisson, was a was a French mathematician, engineer, and physicist who made many scientific advances. In particular, Poisson discovered the Poisson Distribution, which describes how random events sometimes seem to pile up, like a winning streak in cards.


The size of data breaches follow a Poisson Distribution and we at Vivo have used this distribution to model probability as a function of data breach size (data breach size is the number of people affected by the data breach).


Using the Poisson Distribution, we have discovered factors that can reduce the probability for a very large data breach. For example, a larger ratio of cybersecurity practitioners to the number of employees reduces the probability for a very large data breach.

Contact us to learn more about which factors reduce probability for very large data breach. Then, you can look for these factors in your company and we can measure these factors for you in your 3rd party partners.

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